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The joy of seeing crystals glinting in rock; the serenity of an emerald green lake; the myriad shades of lava as it evolves through the ages. No matter how much we think we know about nature, nature has a way to surprise us.

Our new flooring collection, Unexpected Nature, brings that experience into people’s everyday lives. Drawing on nature’s more unusual colors and color combinations, the result is a floor covering collection that is as surprising and as natural as the places that inspired it.  
cherry snow 3560

> 3560

cherry snow

vibrating copper 3561

> 3561

vibrating copper

cosmic red 3562

> 3562

cosmic red

frozen autumn 3563

> 3563

frozen autumn

glistening ochre 3564

> 3564

glistening ochre

shifting earth 3565

> 3565

shifting earth

silent sulphur 3566

> 3566

silent sulphur

rustling leaves 3567

> 3567

rustling leaves

delta lace 3568

> 3568

delta lace