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Coral Duo provides unrivalled dirt removal and is particularly effective at trapping and retaining soil and moisture in the first few steps inside an entrance area. In fact, research shows that Coral Duo removes and retains 10% more dirt in the first few meters than any other textile barrier product, which makes it an ideal matting system for smaller entrances. Coral Duo is a combination product from alternating strips of scraping Coral Brush Pure yarns and moisture absorbing Coral Classic, reinforced with tough and resilient monofilament fibers.

The lead time for non-stock items is 6-8 weeks.

Coral Duo Stock colors 
Black diamond 9730

> 9730

Black diamond

Dark steel 9721

> 9721

Dark steel

Volga blue 9727

> 9727

Volga blue

Coral Duo Non-Stocked Colors 
Imperial gold 9716

> 9716

Imperial gold

Sicilian sand 9714

> 9714

Sicilian sand

Café Bahia 9725

> 9725

Café Bahia

Luna pearl 9710

> 9710

Luna pearl

Wilshire red 9729

> 9729

Wilshire red